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Taif rose farms trip

Taif rose farms trip

Seasonal Trip

135 USD

A trip to visit the rose farms in Taif Governorate during the rose season (March 15 - May 15), starting at 8 in the morning and ending at 12 in the afternoon

8:00 am Transfer from the hotel (meeting point)

8:30 a.m. Arriving at the rose farm

9:00 am Tour of the farm and participate in the picking

10:00 am Hospitality and popular breakfast

11:00 am A tour of the rose factory and learn how to produce rose water and perfume

11:30 AM Transfer to the hotel

12:00 pm End of the program

The trip includes:


A tour guide

popular breakfast


(Special discount for groups and private trips)

135 USD
One comment


4 months ago

شخص واحد


Rich Experience Tour Operator

4 months ago

ممكن تنفيذها .. تواصلوا معنا واتساب

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