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Rich Experience

Our story ....



It was not an ordinary story, and it was not a random road, but it was a great passion.


From there, (Ahmed Al-Juaid) began a journey of fifteen golden years, which was filled with beautiful details and interesting adventures.


His passion for tourist guides led him to be one of the first to obtain a guide license to start his tours with tourists between the mountains and plains of the be filled with the sweetness of its beaches and fields..and warmed by the fragrance of its lanes and roads..


His love for tourist guides in Saudi Arabia was not fleeting, but rather deep and authentic.. he had a rich experience..and rich in information..






In the time of Corona, it became clear to him that many are still living in the coma of foreign tourism..


One day he was sitting in a café with his friends, and a group of young people near him, aroused by the dialogue that was going on between them, where one of them said:

- When do the doors open and we get out of this darkness? The other responds:


- On such days last year I was in Paris and today I sip coffee with you in Riyadh for months and we are in the same place..the same events..


- I'm bored when you release and fly.


- We need different places (Lithuania) was my plan for this year, but even the holidays I spent here with limited things for events, no picnics and nothing special.


 Their dialogue sparked (Ahmed Al-Juaid), who was unable to sit down and decided to go to them. His friend tried to dissuade him by saying: Don't go, what are you going to tell them?


- I can't be silent.

He started by saying:


Peace be upon you.


Our country is full of beautiful places and deep cultures, full of fields, orchards, beaches, monuments, history and everything you talked about..


Look around you and you will find a great world..the country deserves to be seen and realize its beauty.


- Well, since you are a guide and we will not travel in any case, what do you advise us?


- The places are more than you can imagine. You will find here everything you found abroad, and I am glad that the start of your journey from my city (Taif) ..






From there the story began..and the passion became a reality..


The #rich experience has matured and is in your hands.