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‏An institution licensed by the Ministry of Commerce (4032243561) and licensed by the Ministry of Tourism (73101887) specialized in organizing d

AlShafa trip

AlShafa trip


270 USD

Al Shafa’s Tourist Trip

-A tourist trip organized in order to make a visit to the Shafa‘s Heights, This trip includes a mountaineering activity accompanied by a specialized tour guide, hospitality and a popular lunch or dinner. It also includes:

●     A tour guide.

●     water, juice and hospitality

●     Popular lunch or dinner ((barbecue. soggy “mandy”, saleeg” saliq”)

●     A discount code for the gift store.


●     THE DURATION OF THE TOUR IS about (6) HOURS long

●     Bringing your ID with you (ID Card, Residence card, Passport)

●     Bringing the appropriate hiking outfit with the equipment (sports sweatshirt – trekking poles–sports shoes).

●      THE PRICE OF THE TOUR for a group of 1-4 members

We can provide transportation from the hotel or outside the Taif for nominal prices.

The number of participants in the trips
270 USD
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