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A Folk Art Photography Trip

A Folk Art Photography Trip


540 USD

A Folk Art Photography Trip

A Tour In Order To learn The folklore (Elmajror , Elhiwma, Altaashir And The Popular Alaarda ) In AL-Taif City

The Tour Includes The Following: 

·        A Modern Car 

·       A Tour Guide

·       A Model Or A Popular Band And Its Special Uniform (According To The Clients' Request Of The Service)

·       Snacks And Cold and Hot drinks.

·       Discount Code on The Gift Store.


·       The Price Of The Tour For 1-5 Members 

·        The Duration Of The Tour Is About (6) Hours.

·       Bringing Your Identity (ID Card - Residence Card-Passport)

·       The Trip program is adjustable, And You Can Increase The Number Of Individuals After Contacting The organizer

540 USD
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