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Saliq (Saleeg) Trip In Taif

Saliq (Saleeg) Trip In Taif


135 USD

Saliq (Saleeg) Trip In Taif

A Touristic Trip Organized to visit a Farm In The South Of Taif .It Includes climbing mountains accompanied by a Specialized tour Guide . Hospitality session

 ,Lunch And A Popular Dinner Of The Area .It also Includes:

-A Touristic Guide.

-Water, Juice And Hospitality.

-A Popular Lunch Or Dinner In Taif ( Saleeg”Saliq” With Meat)

-A Discount Code in The Gift Store.

Terms Of Service:

-The Duration Of The Tour Is About 6 Hours Long.

-Bringing Identity Cards (ID Card-Residence Card-Passport).

-Bringing The Appropriate Outfit (Sports uniform- mountain stick -Sports Shoes).

-We Can Provide Transportation From The Hotel Or Outside Taif for Nominal Prices.

135 USD
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