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A trip to visit the landmarks of Qassim

Qassim trip



Qassim trip


A trip for three days / two nights to visit Al-Qassim region: -

The first day: (Al-Bukayriyah(

   Visit the strawberry and raspberry garden

   Visit the heritage cabin + hospitality

   Visit the stuffed birds museum

The second day: (Buraidah(

   Visit a bird sanctuary, enjoy its feeding and take pictures

   Visit a park preserving vegetation and migratory birds

   Visit the paragliding club

   Visit the classic car museum

The third day: (Onaiza(

   Visit the heritage market

   Visit Al-Qasimi House

   Visit Al Falayeh Resort

The trip includes: (The minimum number for a group is 4 people(


   Tourist guides

   Hotel room with breakfast

   Site entry fees

   4 main meals

   Reception and farewell at the airport

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1 month ago

بكم الرحلة


Rich Experience Tour Operator

1 month ago

الرحلة تعتمد على عدد الأيام والمشاركين فيها ، نرجو التواصل على الواتساب

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