Jeddah Historic journey

Jeddah Historic journey Rich Experience Tour Operator


135 USD

Historic Jeddah Journey

A journey to discover historic Jeddah begins at 3 pm and ends at 7 pm

3:00 PM Departure from the hotel (pick up point)

3:30 PM Arrival to the historical area

4:00 PM Tour in Historic Jeddah (Museums- Landmarks- Old Houses- Art Galleries)

6:00 PM Coffee shop break, tea and coffee

6:30 PM Transfer to hotel

7:00 pm end of the program

The trip includes:


A tour guide



Special discount for groups and private trips

  • 135 USD
زائر 1 month ago
وين تكون بدايه نقطه التجمع من الطائف ؟
فندق اريديوم

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