Albaha trip

Albaha trip Rich Experience Tour Operator


540 USD

 Al-Bahah Trip

The Trip Includes:

●     Visit Raghdan Forest.

●     Visit Thy Ayn Village.

●     Visit old Market.

●  Visit Zaytona Farm.

Cost Include:

  ● Trip for 1 - 4 persons

 ● Tour Guide.

●    Transportation..

● Lunch


●     Bringing  Your (ID Card-Residence Card-Passport).

●     The program is adjustable after Contacting The Organizer.

●     Confirm The Reservation by paying the Full amount 48 Hours before The Trip.   

زائر 2 months ago
كم مدة الرحلة
رحلة يوم .. والبرنامج قابل للتعديل والاضافه حسب رغبة الضيف

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