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رحلة التصوير السياحي

Historical Photography Trip


270 USD

Historical Photography Trip

A Photography Tour In Taif governorate For Visiting The most important Landmarks And Enjoying Taking Photos of them:

●     The Historical downtown area

●     The Historical Palaces And Mosques.

●     The Farms And Factories Of Flowers.

●     Al Shafa And Al Huda Heights.

 The Trip Includes:

●     -A modern Car.

●     -A Tour Guide.

●     -Snack, Hot And Cold drinks.

●     -A Discount Code For The Gift Store.


●     -The Price Of The Tour is for a group of 1-5 individuals

●      -The Duration Of The Tour Is About 6 Hours Long.

●     -Bringing Your Identity Cards (ID, Residence Card, Passport).

-The Trip program is adjustable And Increases The Number Of The Participants After Contacting The organizer.

270 USD
One comment


7 months ago

الرحله ماذا تشمل وكم يوم ؟


Rich Experience Tour Operator

7 months ago

الرحله لمدة يوم واحد بمعدل 8 ساعات .. السعر لمجموعه 5 افراد واقل .. تشمل زيارة اهم المواقع بمحافظة الطائف .. بقية الشروط والمعلومات موجوده في رابط الرحله

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