Honeycomb apiaries trip

Honeycomb apiaries trip Rich Experience Tour Operator


135 USD

Honeycomb apiaries trip

A trip to visit honey apiaries in Taif governorate starts at 8 am and ends at 12 noon

8:00 AM Transfer from the hotel (pick up point)

8:30 AM Arrive at the honey apiary on the Al Shifa Road

9:00 AM Hospitality and popular breakfast

10:00 AM A tour of the apiary, an explanation of the steps of caring for bees and methods of collecting honey

11:00 AM Discussion session and open discussion with the owner of the apiary, to learn about the types of bees and honey and their benefits

11:30 AM Check-in to the hotel

12:00 PM End of the program

The trip for group 4 persons includes:


A tour guide

Popular breakfast


Special discount for groups and special programs

  • 135 USD
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